Myths busted,  facts explained about Teeth Implants

Teeth Implants teeth implants Are you scared too of Teeth Implants? Myth or Fact dental implants 1

Teeth Implants Process

Myth. A Dental implant is a too costly treatment.

Fact. There is a little difference left today between a good bridge (FPD)  and dental implant with a price difference of around 15-20% only.  But there is a remarkable difference in the advantage. Unlike a bridge, a dental implant is for life. An implant does not require cutting of the tooth. Dental implant technology is the future. Dawar dental clinic offers implant services at the rate of the bridge.

Myth.  A Teeth Implant is painful.

Fact.  No, There is the least pain in modern implant technology. Dental implants breaking down should be done in two steps. The first step is the process itself, and the second step is the recuperation. The dentist must surgically bring the dental implants in. This means this they cut it through the gums. This does sound painful, as you can imagine. But they will use a local anesthetic before your dentist gets started. Dawar Dental clinic offers painless services in implant procedures.

Myth. Teeth Implants look like artificial.

Fact. Yet another no, The modern versions of dental implants are quite refined and look as natural. You just can’t differentiate between the two.  An implant requires expert handling as it not just a screwing job in the bone. There is a medical science behind it and a dentist has to keep in mind a hundred things.

Myth.  Wounds need a long time you heal. The procedure if just too complicated.

Fact.  Not at all.  An advanced implant can be fixed on the same day of the extraction. We get a number of patients who get implants done within three days.

Myth.  An implant needs a lot of aftercare.

Fact.  An implant works just like your natural teeth.  You must maintain a habit of brushing twice a day. And an implant must be done by an expert surgeon only.

Myth. Teeth Implants are not safe.

Fact. No, The implants are 100% safe and successful. We have a 100 % success record.  We have several happy and satisfied patients who got implants fixed by us more than a decade back.

Myth.  Only a specialist can fix an implant.

Fact.  The more important is how much experience the dentist has in the implant procedures. That includes years of experience and the number of implants done so far.  We have a long and successful track record of satisfied patients.

Myth.   Diabetics,  heart patients and those patients fitted with stents can not get implants done.

Fact.  There is no problem if such patients go for implants. All you need is an expert opinion. Won’t such patients go for emergency surgery if needed?  They will definitely go for the surgery,  of course, by expert hands

Myth.  Dental Implants are of one type only.

Fact.  In the modern scenario,  there are around 7 -8 types of implants available. You need to know which is best suited for you.

Teeth implants process | all on four teeth implants Are you scared too of Teeth Implants? Myth or Fact dental implants

Myth.  Implants fail quite often.

Fact. The failure rate is just 2 -3 %. More than this figure raises a question on the doctor’s expertise. As said earlier,  we are equipped with expert hands and infrastructure with a high success rate.

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