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By Dr. Avni Dixit

10.30 am to 4.30 pm

Fees 8500 INR 3500 INR


With the introduction of cone beam CT (CBCT) in dentistry comes the responsibility for adequate training and education on its utilization to both maximize its diagnostic and therapeutic potential while considering the risk/benefit of ionizing radiation to patients. This course is for dentists who are using or plan to use cone-beam CT imaging. It will provide fundamentals of diagnostic imaging as well as clinical guidelines.

A workshop component allows dentists to obtain “hands-on” training with visualization software and become competent in common applications such as measurement of bone height and width for implant planning, examination of the Temporomandibular joints and visualization of impacted teeth.

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The course culminates with a multiple choice examination.


1. Understand the basic fundamentals of cone-beam CT technology, principles of operation, need for multidimensional imaging and comparisons to conventional imaging devices.

2. Understand the effect of ionizing radiation on biologic matter, radiation dosimetry, radiation hygiene and strategies to reduce effective absorbed dose to the patient.

3. Become familiar with radiographic craniofacial anatomy and variations.

4. Understand clinical indications for CBCT and be able to prescribe appropriate operational parameters for imaging.

5. Be able to utilize computer software to visualize CBCT images and select appropriate methods of visualization.

6. Be able to provide a basic interpretation and report of CBCT images.


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