Is your Root Canal Treatment done okay or not

Root canal treatment is very common and basic treatment of dentistry Good Root canal treatment can save your tooth and a bad Root canal treatment done can spoil your tooth and your tooth may need a extraction with no other option.

So what is important to know about a good and bad Root Canal Treatment

Our every tooth is hollow from inside.they have canals in them and a chamber known as pulp chamber. All the hollow part contains the blood and nerve supply. Blood supply gives it nutrition. Nerves give sensation to tooth like hot and cold and pressure thats why we can feel even a minute sand particle if it comes under our teeth.We have different kind of teeth in our oral cavity. One rooted two rooted three rooted and four rooted occasionally.

Every root has one or two canals. During RCT all the chamber and canals are cleaned with files and filled with a cement and gutta percha.

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Precautions to be taken during getting Root Canal Treatment

1. Demand a pre operative xray andpost operative xray from your doctor.
2. You can ask about how many roots and canals this tooth have.
3. All the canals should be filled completely. Upto 1 mm empty canal is ok not more than that.if all the canals are not filled completely   your  Root Canal Treatment may fail in near future.

Good Root Canal Treatment

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Bad Root Canal Treatment

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4. Many people have that pus filled pimple surrounding the rct treated tooth
very frequently. That comes and goes. It assign of RCT failure .
5. Any instrument breakage in canal may cause RCT failure.
6. Please get a good permanent filling in rct treated tooth.
7. Crown is amust for RCT treats tooth.
8. After some time of your Rct you feel some pus filled pimple in gum
surrounding Rct treated tooth it most probably indicates rct failure.

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