First, you should know how they get decayed?

Three reasons of decay of our teeth decay

  1.     Structure tooth itself ( its god’s gift)
  2.     Food habits type of food and frequency of food
  3.     Negligence


1. Tooth Structure

Our tooth is not a single piece structure. It is made by joining of four or five pieces like beans and grams made of two pieces.

It has natural cracks at joining point of the pieces. They are natural weak points. Whenever we take food it gets stuck in the cracks and after that starts the decay.    

How ????

I explained below –

As tooth decays it creates more space for food lodgement .more food more acid and more decay. More decay is in the center of molars because all the cracks meet in the center and create a big dip for food lodgement.

2. Food Habits

One diet makes decay for average one hour. And this means our frequency to take food is direct effects of decay.

More Frequency = More Decay

One interesting thing to remember your one spoon of tea, one small candy, one potato chip, one piece of French fries, one bite of food is a complete diet. And it is more than sufficient to carry on the process of decay.

A second thing is the type of food….

More sticky food and processed food is more dangerous because it stays longer on the tooth and needs less time to digest by bacteria.

3. Negligence

Our bad habits of food and not visiting a doctor regularly.

Always remember there are three stages of treatment.

  1. Service
  2. Repair
  3. Spare


Now comes to our topic of discussion?

How can we save our tooth?

  1. A regular visit to your dentist
  2. Choice of toothbrush
  3. Choice of toothpaste
  4. Your habits

1. Every six months visit your dentist. So that he can confine your treatment to service and repair stage

2. Toothbrush – Never choose a soft and extra soft toothbrush. Always go for average and medium.soft toothbrush does not clean your teeth properly. They just make foam.

A toothbrush works for 15-20 days properly after that it becomes waste. You don’t need to buy costly brushes and use them for a longer less costly brushes and they should be of medium or average strength. Change them frequently.bristles should be straight.

3. Toothpaste – Toothpaste should be the white base. Don’t use gels.gels are just foaming agents. White base has abrasives to polish and clean your teeth like you use buffing to polish your car.

Don’t use toothpaste for sensitivity just by watching advertisements on TV. Consult your dentist first, know the reason of sensitivity. And start toothpaste on his recommendation. If you want to know more about any of your doubts feel free to ask we will reply as soon possible thanks.