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Home Dental Services Now Available in Tricity.




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Learn more about Dental Training Programme and shine your Dental career with our Dental Guru



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Digital Smart Clinic

Learn more about Dental Training Programme and shine your Dental career with our Dental Guru

Home Dental Services Now Available in Tricity.

Give Your Family A Smiling Future. Available in Chandigarh & Panchkula!

Healing Touch From A Dentist, For A Painless Treatment


Get Full Mouth Implants Successfully In Just 3 days


My experience was truly second to none. Dr. Deepak Dawar will make you feel comfortable and relax in his spa-like office and his office staffs are friendly and approachable too. We’re so glad that he is our family dentist now and so on!

Bimla Devi

70 Years Old







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Dental Implant Fixing in Just 3 Days.

It was such a nice experience to get my implant done here. Dr. Deepak Dawar never lets me feel that I am getting my treatment done. Over all wonderful to treatment done here.

Harvinder Singh Shergill

Ret. Wing Commander







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Implants and fixed dentures within just 3 days

It was such a nice experience to get my implant done here, I never felt that I am in the dental clinic, everybody there was so friendly.

A S Chahal

Retired Govt Servant







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Ortho Braces Treatment On My 2 Kids

I have two kids. Both of them got their braces done at Dawar Advance Dental Clinic. We are happy with the results. The smile of my kids has improved a lot and they are very happy and confident to smile now.

Gurmeet Kaur

School Teacher






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Painlessly Well Treated My Son

Dr. Deepak Dawar and his staff are very nice. Well treated my son. No pain and the child goes happily to the clinic. Never seen my child so happy going to the doctor. And the doctor never looses patience.

Nitish Duggal

IAS Officer





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Painless Affordable Treatment

Over the years Dr. Dawar has helped me and my family overcome my fear of going to the dentist and fear of the pain. He is very patient, calming.

Harjinder Singh & Jaskirat Kaur

Father & Daughter





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Implant and Root Canal Treatment

Getting implant and root canal treatment from Dr. Deepak Dawar which is so far quite satisfactory. I personally wish her a grand success in his field.

Surinder Gupta

Central Gov. Officer




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Treatment satisfaction, Value for money

Very very happy with the entire treatment. I got my root canal and my husband had a long extensive treatment including bone graft , sinus lift , dental implants , root canal treatment, crowns and bridges.


House Wife





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Treatment satisfaction by Patient

Dr. Dawar Clinic is very hygienic and very nice. It was very best experience. During Pregnancy my treatment was so comfortable and my experience is good.


House Wife






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Painless Treatment

My experience was very greatful at Dr. Dawar Dental Clinic. He was very knowledge full and helpful.


House Wife






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Root Canal Treatment without Pain

The overall experience is very good. Dr. Dawar and employee give me very good treatment without pain. Its was a very helpful for me.

Madhu Sharma







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Dental Implant Treatment with expert

Vijay Rana

Retired Govt Servant






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Awarded with The Most Advanced Dental Clinic In Tricity



Dental Implant is the epitome of dental engineering. It is the most natural solution to missing…

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Restorative Dentistry covers a variety of procedures that are used to restore weak…

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Orthodontic Treatment involves the correction of any misalignment of the teeth with…

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Instant Teeth Whitening is a procedure that helps to get rid of stains on the teeth…

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Technology plays a vital role in creating an accessible and precise treatment. as the diagnosis…

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Root cancel treatment is the most preferred treatment for treating deep tooth decay and saving…

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Kid’s Dentistry is a very specialized branch of dentistry where the dentistry are…

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Cosmetic dentistry is a series of procedures performed to meet your smile needs…

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"A Painless Dental Experience"

Know more about us

This is what we have done so far at Dawar Advance Dentals and still we feel we have just started 🙂

Overall Patients Treated Spreading Smiles

Successful Dental Implants Core Strenth

International Patients Treated Worldwide Reach

Highly Experienced Dentists Team With Specializations


We take great pride in all the dental services we offer, but what makes Avance Dental Care special ?
Why should you trust us for your dental care?

Highly Professional

Dedicated and committed team.

24/7 Availability

Capable of handling dental emergencies.

Speciality Services

Exclusive implantology and restorative dentistry.

Dental Hygiene

Use of fully sterilized surgical equipment.

Modern Equipment

State of the art facilities, fully digital.

Friendly environment

Tailored treatment plans and payment options.

Accreditation & Achievements

We are known for the best dental Care across the region with high satisfaction level

Our Mission

Provide you best value of your money in recognition of your individuality and uniqueness.
Besides having the well-qualified dental professionals, we follow stringent standards of sterilization to ensure our customer’s confidence when it comes to safety and cleanliness.


How To Save Your and Your Kids Teeth? Tips & Tricks

First, you should know how they get decayed? Three reasons of decay of our teeth decay     Structure tooth itself ( its god's gift)     Food habits type of food and frequency of food     Negligence   1. Tooth Structure Our tooth is not a single piece structure....

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Good or Bad Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is very common and basic treatment of dentistry Good Root canal treatment can save your tooth and a bad Root canal treatment done can spoil your tooth and your tooth may need a extraction with no other option.

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