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(Teeth in 72 Hours)

Implants and fixed dentures within just 3 days

Would you like to be able to smile again, but you do not want to go through the long healing period until you get a fixed teeth replacement? Thanks to the immediate dental implant technology ,you can get a complete rehabilitation of a jaw with semi final fixed dentures within four days.

Fixed teeth fast? The revolution of implantlogy

Would you like to be able to smile again, but you do not want to go through the long healing period until you get a fixed teeth replacement? Thanks to the immediate dental implant technology ,you can get a complete rehabilitation of a jaw with semi final fixed dentures within four days.

If the following is true for you:

– At least one jaw is toothless and a whole jaw rehabilitation must be carried out
– You want to smile and eat with fixed new teeth as quickly as possible
– You were advised against traditional implantation Then we can offer you a solution: Immediate loading of dental implants.

Are basal implants the same as immediately loadable dental implants?

Basal implants are the same as the immediately loadable dental implants. A basal dental implantation is recommended in the following cases:

Tooth loss has been present for a longer period; the patient suffers from severe periodontal disease; diabetes; or severe smoking.

The basal dental implant

The immediate loadable dental implants. The unique structure of the titanium implants provides immediate stability for the fixed prosthetic load. The implants consist of a single part, which means that the costs for the implant abutments in the second treatment for the final bridges are also reduced.

Method and procedure

This minimally invasive technique, performed under local anaesthesia (if necessary also under general anaesthesia), is an almost painless method that has been around for more than 30 years. The main feature of the system is that during the procedure the dentist creates the desired hollow in the bone for the implant by drilling a hole in the gum instead of making an incision in it. He only makes small holes in the gum and the implant is then placed in the hard part of the bone, not in the soft, spongy bone substance.

8-12 implants per jaw are placed with this method, the exact number depends on the width of the jaw. This system requires a higher number of implants for stability than a conventional implantation method, so that the provisional bridge can be fixed immediately.

After the operation, an impression for the semi final replacement is taken; the patient must only come back to the clinic the day after the surgery for the framework fitting and on the fourth day after surgery for the final fixation of the fixed dentures.

For whom are the basal implants recommended?

– If you want an instant solution
– If an entire jaw needs rehabilitation
– If you are a heavy smoker or diabetic
– For patients with chronic diseases

Advantages of basal implants

– Can be applied in most cases, even if other methods are not feasible
– Fixed denture with implants within one week
– Implantation can be performed immediately after tooth extraction(s)
– No need of implant exposure in the second treatment (replacement of the provisional denture)

Thus, with Basal Implants,

  • Every patient can get fixed teeth almost immediately after implantation, without undergoing bone grafting / augmentations / sinus lifts etc. & without waiting periods for healing of the implant surgery sites (which can take upto 1 year after implant surgery with bone grafting & conventional implants). There is no requirement of intermediate dentures too.
  • Basal implant specialists utilize cortical / basal bone in all areas of the facial skeleton. This bone is resorption-stable and strong. This reason why basal implants permit fixation of bridges soon after surgery by splinting the basal implants.
  • Specialized dental technicians helps provide safe and sound bite through the basal implant supported bridges.
  • The patient can start chewing / eating soon after the bridges are installed!

Advantages of the Immediate Loading Basal Dental Implants

Prosthesis is fixed within 72 hrs. of implant surgery saving time and costs considerably. In case of conventional implants associated with bone augmentation / grafting procedures, the total treatment time will be about 6 months to 1 year. The need for interim dentures / provisionals are totally eliminated, in addition to avoidance of a second surgery for implant exposure in order to fix the abutment over the implant.

Fast, Safe & Painless Dental Implant procedures with unique advantages of:

  • Immediate loading
  • Avoidance of bone grafting
  • Single piece implantology
  • Basal / Cortical bone support
  • Minimally invasive (‘key hole’ impantology)
  • Solutions for unfavorable bone situations
  • Extremely low failure rates
  • Virtually no incidence of Peri-implantitis…

Package price for the restoration of an entire jaw:

Lower jaw: 8-10 dental implants and fixed temporary dental bridges: 2999 USD, Single jaw: 10-12 dental implants and fixed temporary dental bridges: 2999 USD (The package price has no hidden costs!).

The package includes:

  • Consultation and preparation of a treatment plan
  • Medications
  • Tooth extraction, if necessary
  • Surgical intervention – insertion of immediately loaded dental implants
  • Impression, production of fix temporary bridge
  • Placement of bridge
  • Forming of the gingival, bite refinement
  • Check-up
  • 4 day accommodation with breakfast only 500 meters away from the clinic
  • Airport transfer on the day of your arrival and departure

Conventional Dental Implants

Single Piece (Monobloc) Basal Implants

Single Piece (Monobloc) Basal Implants

KOS, BCS, BECES & KOS Plus Series

Basal Osseo Integration (BOI)

Trans Osseous Implant(TOI) Series

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