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We focus on preventive and interceptive orthodontists that is the treatment begins before the malocclusion / malalignment of teeth develops into full fledged condition. For this you need to get your kids dental checkup done at early age and on regular basis.

What time is best for ortho treatment ?

Most of the cases -12 years but not all cases some case you have to start it as early as possible. When you see the defect, it should be corrected immediately.

Different kinds of orthodontic treatment available:

1) Fix : a) Ceramic b) Steel c) tooth coloned

2) Removable

3) Without wires—invisa|ign.  



Fixed teeth are for life long. It is the technique and material that decides the life.


Habits of your child can also affect the dentition like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and tongue thursting. Get these habits checked at the earliest.


Every impacted tooth does not need to be removed and every time you should not wait for pain for removal. In some cases it has to be removed as earliest as possible.

We also provide training and certificate courses in

I) Implants

2) Orthodontics

3) Conscious sedation

4) Advance Implants

5) Hand and soft tissue grafting

6) Rotary Indodentics

7) Impactions.  


Have you any Implant done in your mouth ?

Just get your implant checked if it is working properly or there any defect in it which can reduce it’s life. If there is any defect, then get it treated and increase it’s life. It may come out in short time if not treated.

Do you need an Implant?

Almost anyone who has lost a tooth , several teeth or even all of their teeth is a candidate for dental Implants. If you need an Implant then go for advance implants not just implants. Life and durability of advanced implants is much better. Every patient does not need Implant, so get it checked is there really any need for implant or there is a better option other than implant for you. We do Advance Implants and not just implant and with guarantee.

Root Canal Treatment

What is life of RC Treated tooth It is the same as of your other teeth, the only condition is that the procedures is done accurately.

Root Stumps

They should not be removed as they also can be very useful restore your tooth, your smile and for your mastication, So get it checked before removal.

Bleeding Gums / Pyorrhea

It is a disease which effects the supporting structure of teeth i.e , the gums and the tooth supporting bone. It can result in a variety of other problems for example food lodgement , caries , foul smell , pain and ultimately loosening of all teeth. It is like diabetes and obesity which is responsible for many other diseases.


It is a common myth that pyorrhea cannot be treated.With the latest techniques and procedures we can not only arrest the progressing gum diseases but also restore the lost bone with Bone grafting and other periodontal surgeries.

Restoration / Tooth Filling

Restorative dentistry is a fine blend of art and science. It has to restore both the functional and the aesthetic aspects. A filling which can not restore a tooth’s function properly is of no use. It should save the tooth from further decay, There is a lot of difference between filling a pothole on the road and filling a decayed tooth.

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Before removal of any teeth or getting any new teeth and prosthesis consult DADS. DAD’S clinic has been established since 2007 with its branches at ludhiana and Sirsa. We are no ordinary dental practice. Infact we believe that we provide a uniquely different experience and a range of dental services all under one roof. We are proud to say that most of our new clients come from personal recommendations. Our success and growth has been from providing a service that our patients want.

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