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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances worn in the mouth to replace missing teeth. They are sometimes called ‘false teeth’.

What Is Important To Know About Dentures?

  • Dentures can replace all the teeth in a jaw (Full Denture) or one or more teeth (Partial Denture);
  • Dentures are removable, and should be removed twice daily for cleaning and overnight;
  • If you only wear full dentures, a dentist should check these every two years. Your dentist will also check your gums and the rest of your mouth;
  • If you wear partial dentures, you should have your remaining teeth checked every six months;&
  • Gums shrink and change shape over time, so dentures will need to be relined or remade every so often.

More Detailed Information About Dentures

Dentures are quite different to dental bridges. Dentures are easily removable by the person who wears them, while dental bridges are cemented firmly to natural teeth and cannot be taken out.

Dentures are sometimes stabilised with dental implants: the implants provide a strong anchor point for the dentures to grip on to.

Full dentures are usually made entirely of acrylic resin. Partial dentures can be made of acrylic resin with metal clasps (clips which grip natural teeth) to hold the denture in place. These are called Acrylic Partial Dentures. Partial dentures can also be made mainly of metal, with acrylic resin teeth (Chrome Partial Dentures). Chrome dentures are thinner than acrylic dentures, and are generally considered to be more comfortable to wear.

Teeth and gums were never designed to support a denture, so it is important to remove your dentures for thorough cleaning and overnight. When dentures are worn constantly, gums often become irritated and spongy, infections like thrush can develop, and remaining teeth can become loose or develop cavities.

Your dentist will want to check your dentures during your checkup appointments.

Dentures need to be cleaned carefully: a soft toothbrush is ideal. If you wear glasses for reading, be sure to wear them when you clean your denture: dental plaque can be difficult to see and if it is allowed to build up on your denture, it can cause staining and harden into tartar. Carefully clean the outside and inside of your denture: rinse it well and then store safely overnight.

Dentures at DADS CLINIC

If you are missing one or more teeth, an option you might consider is a partial or full Denture. Our dentists design dentures to be functional, comfortable and attractive. A qualified dental technician makes the dentures off-site to the prescription provided by our dentists.

If you would like to discuss dentures with a dentist in City, contact DADS CLINIC today. We provide home visits for dentures Alternatives to dentures can include dental bridges and dental implants.